Noelle Tarabulski
Founder and CEO
Builder Consulting Group, Inc.
Lakewood, CO

The Complete Home Building Guidebook is a comprehensive overview of the home building business. As an industry consultant and practitioner, it is clear that this book addresses essential aspects across all elements of the building business. Howard has created a great reference book and also a helpful foundational book for anyone that is involved in the home building sector or wants to be involved in the business. If you take the home building business seriously, you should make this a part of our business library. It is an essential read for the new entrants into the business as well.

Craig Wrigley, President
Palladium, Inc., Atlanta, GA
Architect, Licensed General Contractor, Real Estate Developer

This book is very thorough and though directed at the person wanting to learn about home building as a business, it has much to offer the experienced builder. There are many tips on organization methods, forms and systems that are useful to know, whether you are beginning, want to improve, or are a seasoned veteran. Picking up just one good helpful idea makes it work owning this book and you will find yourself consulting it as needed over time.

David Tufts, President
Ansley Development Services, Atlanta, GA

This should be the go to resource for Real Estate Professionals who want to properly market and sell new homes from the guru!

Steve King, Vice President Construction Lending
Quantum Bank, Atlanta, GA

This book is a must read for anyone interested in residential construction and development, including those who are already in the industry. The depth of the information and the detail provided through the straightforward presentation is far greater than in any other book on the subject. I wish that the book had been available to me when I entered the homebuilding business in 1994. The checklists alone would have made my life much easier. In my current career as a construction lender, I see a great need for this type of information for those in the banking industry who lack a detailed knowledge about how the building business really works. Mr. Zuckerman is to be commended for this contribution to the homebuilding industry.

Steve Wasserman, CEO
The Wasserman Group, LLC, Atlanta, GA

You are about to embark on a journey of learning that could be unmatched in the real estate world. Howard Zuckerman, whom I have known professionally for over 30 years, has shared his knowledge of the home building and real estate industry in a really- terrific book. I consider Howard one of the most professional real estate people I know, and Im happy that he wrote this book.

Often, we see people who have no experience in real estate and think they can do anything jump into the home building arena. Sometimes they are successful, but more often they lose money or if they make a profit it is significantly less than a seasoned pro would make. This book should get you to the point of maximizing your potential, and at the same time producing a product that you and your customers will be proud of.

Good luck and enjoy the book.

Jeff Phillip, Jr, Owner
JP Homes, Atlanta, GA

This book is the best I have found to walk the reader through the home building process. It goes into great-detail of the issues faced when building a hew home or a community.

Red Martin, President
Martin Communities, Milton, GA

My father was a home builder for 30+ years and was never able to teach me the detail that is available in this book.

Billy Joe Carson, Superintendent
TW Builders, Acworth, GA

As a superintendent for the last five years in a small building company, I have experienced lots of one the job training. With the information gained from this book, I feel even more prepared to one day start my own home building company.

Sally Barnes, Agent
KW, Atlanta, GA

I wished I had this book prior to selling my first new home when I was 22 years old. I made many costly mistakes for my buyer. This book organizes the process with checklists that would have made my life easier. I keep a copy in my car to refer to.